How to Fix a Watch with a Dislodged Second Hand

Watches, beyond being a symbol of status, are an integral tool in our daily life for keeping track of time. However, like all mechanical objects, watches can develop various issues due to reasons such as continuous wear or improper handling. One common problem is the dislodging of the second hand, which requires immediate attention to prevent further complications that could render the watch unusable. In the following, we discuss why a watch's second hand might fall off and provide tips for repairing it.
Causes of Detachment of the Second Hand
  1. Drops or impacts: A fall from a height or a forceful impact can cause the second hand to dislodge.
  2. Prolonged use: Over time, the internal parts of a watch's movement can wear out, leading to the second hand falling off.
  3. Improper wearing: Misuse, such as persistently attaching the watch to items like jackets or bags, could also cause the second hand to detach.
How to Fix a Watch with a Detached Second Hand
  1. Locate the second hand: When the second hand falls off, your initial task is to find it. It may have dropped inside the dial or elsewhere, so search meticulously.
  2. Verify the size of the second hand: While locating the second hand, ensure you verify its size as well. Different watches have different sized second hands, so finding the correct one is vital.
  3. Reattach the second hand: Once you've confirmed the size, position it back on the watch appropriately. Typically, the second hand has a small projection that affixes it to the pulley shaft.
  4. Time adjustment: Post reinstallation, adjust the watch to display the correct time. Usually, you can find the time adjustment button on the side of the crown.
  5. Routine maintenance: To prevent the second hand from detaching, ensure regular watch upkeep, including cleaning, lubrication, and readjustment, every 12-18 months.
A dislodged second-hand can impact the watch's overall functionality but is generally a simple fix. If you're facing this issue, consider applying the above-mentioned tips. However, for those not comfortable with DIY repairs or facing more complex watch issues, we highly recommend seeking help from a professional watch repair service.