The Ultimate Guide for Indian Customers

As ADDIESDIVE watches continue to grow, there are more and more Indian customers. This is a self-service Q&A guide for India. The following are frequently asked questions.
1. Can watches be shipped to India?
Yes. The watch is sent from China, and the delivery time in India is about 15 days. The logistics we use is 4px small package registered mail, and the last leg is delivered by the Indian post office.
2. Do I need to pay customs duties?
Yes. When the watch arrives at the customs of your country, you need to take the initiative to contact the customs to assist in customs clearance. Usually we will control the declared value of the watch within 20 US dollars to avoid you being charged high customs duties. For specific questions related to customs clearance and tariffs, please contact your country's customs. The following are the customs telephone numbers of various states in India: Delhi: (+91 11) 2323 8880 / 2323 8917; Mumbai: (+91 22) 2261 4585; Kolkata: (+91 33) 2248 0375; Chennai: (+91 44) 2525 4225 / 2524 4133.
3. How to pay and place an order without a PayPal account?
According to the payment data of existing Indian customers, customers without PayPal will use VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERSCLUB credit cards to pay. In addition, the website store does not support cash on delivery for the time being.
4. Does India have a display cabinet or after-sales point?
Currently, only China has a display cabinet. There is no after-sales point in India. If there is a problem with the watch, it needs to be sent to the Chinese headquarters for repair. At the same time, we are recruiting Indian watch repairers to cooperate with us. If you are interested, you can also contact us:
5. What are the hot-selling models?
Quartz watches are recommended to buy AD2030, AD2054, H3QZ, H3DQZ
Mechanical watches are recommended to buy AD2118, AD2059
6. Is there a coupon?
If you are a new customer of the website store, you can use the discount code newcustomer10. This discount can reduce $10 on purchases of $120 or more.