All You Need to Know about Bronze Watches

Photo quoted from ADDIESDIVE AD2104.

Bronze watches are becoming more and more popular.Traditionally, most watches that are manufactured are made in stainless steel. Stainless steel is a very suitable material for watches, so it is the most widely used material.

If you’re curious about why bronze has become such a trend in the watch world, and what makes it unique, keep reading.

Meet the bronze watch

Many of the bronze watches on the market today are made as dive watches, but not all. Bronze has tough properties and is resistant to salt water corrosion, and is widely used in the marine field. This is why bronze watches are made into diving watches.

For the case, the most important thing is to keep the movement protected and have long-lasting durability. Over time, bronze forms a stable oxide layer that protects the case. In other words, oxidation doesn't harm the shell, it protects it. When the oxide layer is thick enough, it is no longer in contact with oxygen, so oxidation ends.

And this is what can be seen as the patina. Furthermore, since you wear your watch on the wrist day in and day out, it needs to be comfortable.

Bronze contains copper, which reacts with the skin and sweat. As a result, a common ”issue” with bronze cases is that they can leave the wrist green. We solved this problem by using the stainless steel case back, which is the part of the watch that has the closest contact with the wrist.

The reason why you may opt for a bronze watch is that you enjoy the long history and concept behind why we use it, and you enjoy the idea of a case that ages and develops a patina quickly.

The patina of a bronze watch

One of the main reasons why people have a love for bronze watches is due to the way they age and develop a patina. Because they contain copper, the bronze cases will change appearance and surface over time. Not only does this give bronze watches a very unique, sporty, and vintage-inspired look, but it also means that each bronze watch ages differently depending on how the wearer wears it and which environments they subject it to.

After aging, bronze cases get a sporty and tool-like appearance, and according to many, this adds to the charm of sports watches.

How to care for a bronze watch?

It is possible to bring your bronze watch back to its original yellow-gold hue and remove the patina that has developed on the case.

The best way to remove the oxidation from your bronze watch is to use acid. The good news is that you do not need the most aggressive acid which may damage your watch. In fact, acids such as that in ketchup, soda, and lemon, work very well without being too aggressive on the watch.

Doing this should bring the bronze watch back to its original luster and shine without patina. With this said, you can change and affect the look of your bronze watch which is something that adds to the unique and customizable nature of bronze watches.

Are bronze watches easy to scratch?

Bronze as a material is hard, which makes it quite suitable for watches. But it is not the hardest material out there. With that said, it holds up against scratches relatively well. But what we have found from our own experience is that potential scratches that do develop on the case actually add to the personality of a bronze watch. In addition, any scratches are concealed quite well due to the oxidized surface.

Reasons why you should own a bronze watch

Because bronze is a trend in watches that has only gotten bigger in recent years, it seems that more and more people see the charm and appeal of wearing one.

Bronze watches is a trend that has only gotten bigger and more popular over the years.In a world full of gold and steel watches, bronze is a refreshing material that is sure to stand out from the crowd and allow you to wear a watch that will certainly catch people’s attention.